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What. A. Year.

2020; what a year. BTB had huge plans and Covid took that away from us. HOWEVER, amidst a pandemic, we launched this project with a BANG! To say that the response has been incredible would be an understatement. The costume changes, each set of the individual artist, the “and more”, it went over AMAZING.

To be quite honest, we weren’t sure what to expect. We knew there was nothing out there like it, we knew that these three artists would go over flawlessly and we knew that we wanted this to be a show that would put the crowd in a fun and happy state of mind. The sad reality is that had this been BC (before covid), the crowd would be dancing right front and center of the stage and probably with each other. It still happened just not at what it could have been and we are ok with that. We were able to take the negative garbage going on in the world, leave it at the door, let loose and free our minds with only one goal in sight….. FUN.

We are already working on and making our plans for 2021. You will LOVE it and we can’t wait to show you. We are certain that there won’t be big changes with restrictions and such at the beginning of 2021 but hoping that come spring/summer we will start to open up a bit and see the beginning of what used to be “normal” for everyone.

Hang tight everyone, we know this has not been an easy year for anyone. Restrictions, fear, sadness, loss, burdens, change, and just overall a crappy year. I know that some are tired of hearing this but we will get through this and in the very near future look back at all the craziness. Music has still gotten us through it and brought us together. It’s therapeutic, it expresses feelings that we can’t say out loud, it makes us feel good and in some cases, allows us to grieve. Whatever it is for you at that moment, live it, feel it, and embrace it.

For those that came to a show this year, supported us, helped us get our name out there, shared us (FB, IG, Twitter, Snap Chat, website). THANK YOU! From the bottom of our heart, it’s not easy launching a new project in general, then add a pandemic to it….. UGH, but you all helped us get through it and we appreciate each and every one of you. Goodbye 2020, 2021 is on deck.

Happy New Year from all of us at BTB, we will see you all SOON.

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