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BTB 2.0

CRAZY!!! We have had some amazing things happening. Some we can talk about, some….. not just yet, but SOON. May/June shows were awesome and we are so very lucky to have had some pretty amazing talent fill in on bass for those shows. We definitely could not have done it without them along with some new and fantastic energy that was brought to the stage.

We have finally announced our newest member, Ryan. He comes to us with different skills and backgrounds. His background is Metal/Rock (go check out his last original band Punch Cabbie). We already hear and feel the energy, and that’s only rehearsals, it’s going to be INSANE once we hit the stage in Aug!! Not to mention, he fits right in with all of our crazy personalities. He’ll probably keep us out of trouble…. Or maybe get us into trouble, only time will tell.

Things are opening up, people are venturing back outside, back to gatherings, and embracing life as we slowly get back to normal. MAN, it feels so GOOD! At every show, we meet new friends. Yes, FRIENDS. When people say fans, it makes it feel so impersonal. We always want any new “fans" that come to see us, feel like they are part of our family, hence our BLONDETOURAGE.

We have some new, fun, and DANCEABLE songs on deck!! You will LOVE them. We are already planning for 2022 and we are ridiculously excited. Could it get any better than this? Sure can and it is!!

Make sure and check out our events for Aug and Sept, more will be added SOON.

Afraid you will miss one? Send a msg through the website and we’ll add you to our mailing list for shows. We will not spam you, just an email about a week before the event.

New bassist. New songs. New energy. New talent. New endeavors.

See you soon. VERY soon.

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