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Happy Bandaversary!!

2 YRS. 2 yrs ago we officially announced BTB. We already had our band together and we were gearing up. We announced our newest project and the response was fantastic. Little did we know that a little more than a month later our debut show and following 6 shows we had booked would be CANCELED. What a blow. But we got through it and when we were able to play outside, we were once again, ready to go.

Beginning a new project is difficult enough and adding a pandemic to it, it seems downright impossible. Through all of it, we had an unbelievable response.

We thank you! YOU. Without all of you, we would not have made it this far and here we are still standing, still growing, and shining brighter than we ever thought possible. We have had some dips, some changes in musicians but we overcame it and pushed forward.

Fast forward to our current line up. HOLY COW! The dynamic energy and overall show keeps getting better. We are always looking for songs to add, ways to improve, and be better. You all keep showing up and having a good time so we know we are doing our job.

We have so many surprises coming in the near future, we are looking at a fantastic spring/summer lineup and we are ecstatic.

Thank you for a wonderful start in 2020, a fantastic 2021 and I know you will all be there to give us a KILLER 2022!!

Happy Anniversary to US, but happy anniversary to all of you that have been there through it all……. So far. We appreciate each and everyone of you!

We’ll see you Sat to celebrate!

Beyond the Blonde BTB Sundance Saloon Blondetourage

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