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Different Approach

After another show being canceled, we were finally able to hit the stage again and this time we brought a different approach. The response has been incredible and we are pretty confident we will keep it this way moving forward.

Lights, camera, action!! We had our promo video shot, had some live photo's taken and it was FUN FUN FUN! The crowd brought so much energy which made it even better. Who would have thought that in the midst of a pandemic, having to wear masks and social distancing that the energy would be this high!?

This ride has been crazy, EVEN with this pandemic, which shows us that once everything starts getting better and things are lifted, we are going to BLOW up, and believe us when we say.... we are ready! We are already working on new material for the new year, our "and more" is going to be a blast, but we are keeping it on the down-low right now so you will have to STAY TUNED. We are so thankful for our #BTBblondetourage and adore you all!

P!NK, Gwen, and Gaga. Each set keeps everyone moving, dancing, singing along, and most importantly, allowing a temporary escape from reality, from daily stress, the pandemic, and just have FUN. That is our goal, and our mission when we hit the stage; to allow everyone to escape from reality, even if only for a few hours.

We are just getting started and in the short time we have been doing this, it just gets BETTER. Get ready for the ride of your life because BTB is going to take you on quite the journey! See you REAL SOON.

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