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The Road Traveled


This whole process has been quite a journey. What started out as an idea between 2 people back in September has been twisted, turned, changed and then finally….. We have Beyond the Blonde!

When I went to Bobby with a concept, I wasn’t sure what his response would be. I did know that I wanted him to be a partner in this project since we work well together. He agreed and after some meetings with some masterminds in the business, bouncing ideas off of each other; what started as one concept has now become this.

We knew we wanted it to be a SHOW, not just a cover band playing what’s being played in many other bands. We wanted it to be a tribute to the 3 artists (Gwen, P!NK, and GaGa) without it being an ‘impersonator’ type show. Of course, I will always bring the essence from each artist to the stage and that is where it will get more exciting. We wanted a focus and we sure got it. Did someone say costume changes? Hmmmmm….. You will have to come to a show to find out.

After several auditions, we knew what we wanted and who we wanted and everything started coming together. This process has not been easy. It took us HUNDREDS of name ideas, logo concepts, and MANY rehearsals. Some rehearsals go smoothly and others... well, we won’t talk about those right now. Each of us brings a unique talent to the table and we are able to learn and grow from each other every week.

We bounce different ideas off of one another when something pops into our heads, and talk to outside sources for advice. Things may change again after some time, but right now, we are very excited about the product that we are bringing to the stage.

Time. Effort. Patience. Persistence. These have led us here and we are ready to bring it to you LIVE…… SOON.

Thank you for the already amazing support and love that you have shown us.

We can’t wait to hit the stage for you.

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