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Have you heard? We announced our debut show and could not be more excited! Why the 3, you ask? Well….

After getting some outside guidance and suggestions, Charity and Bobby knew that they wanted it to be a trifecta of fierce, BA artists and they hit the jackpot when choosing these artists. With all 3 being blonde, the name (after hundreds of ideas) just worked and we couldn't be more proud of it along with our logo that represents the strength, uniqueness, and message that each one embodies.

All 3 of them are huge in their own right. All are multi-platinum, grammy award winners. Each put on a fantastic show. Every one of them stand strong for what they believe in and don’t back down. It only made sense. Our goal is to bring the essence of each and every artist to the stage as we showcase them. We have been hard at work to make this happen. Can’t give away too much. You’ll definitely have to come and check out a show to see the vision in action. I know, we put “and more” so what and who is the “and more”? Ahhh….. This first show will be a big surprise and talk about finishing the show with a BANG. Who do you think it is?

Where are our P!NK, GWEN and GAGA fans at? If you wanted to hear one song by one or each of them, what would it be? We would love to hear your suggestions and input. April 4th. 9:30. Tailgaters. Who’s coming? This will be a show you won’t forget and it will be absolutely EPIC!


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